Read From President EHC 2023

It gives me immense pleasure to Welcome you on behalf of the Emirates Society of Haematology to yet another exciting edition of Emirates Haematology Conference 2023.

EHC 2023 will provide a scientific environment and a gathering for the participants to exchange their views and ideas regarding Hematology. ​Healthcare Professionals and affiliations will trade thoughts and talk about the management and care of patients, new methodologies arising in Hematology and furthermore progressed procedure for diagnostics and treatment for Hematologic disorders and so forth.

We hereby invite you all to share your findings and work by submitting an abstract and become a part of the Conference which will provide endless opportunities to grow within your discipline of work.​​

I look forward to meeting you at EHC 2023!


Asma Sultan Al Olama
President, Emirates Society of Haematology
Consultant Hematologist
Dubai Hospital, DHA